Progressive Jackpot

progressive-jackpotThe Mega Fortune Dreams is the follow up of the Mega Fortune video slot, a videoslot who in the last 6 years made more millionaires than any other video slot online. The jackpots that the Mega Fortune paid out the last few years vary from almost 2 million dollars to more than 5 million dollars. Five or six times a year someone wins the jackpot and when you play the Mega Fortune Dreams videoslot you always have the change you become the next jackpot winner.

We made this website for everyone who has a dream of winning this jackpot and we are going to explain everything there is to know about the Mega Fortune Dreams videoslot. After reading this website, you know how to make the most chance of winning this jackpot and which casinos are offering this video slot. We tell you about the bonus offers and the free spins that are given away by casinos to promote the world’s biggest progressive video slot the Mega Fortune Dreams.


Progressive Jackpot Paying Bonus Game

bonusIf by chance you manage to spin three Bonus symbols in any one game of the Mega Fortune Dreams Videoslot, then that will symbolize the beginning of the bonus game which may lead you into winning one out of the 3 progressive Jackpot games.

After the bonus game activates, a bonus screen will appear, where you will be able to see three interconnected wheels. mega-fortune-jackpotYou will be required to set the wheels in motion, where they will individually start spinning. You will realize that the first reel has been split into either arrows or coin amounts. On the left side of the screen, you will be able to see a large pointer. If by chance a coin value lands on the pointer’s middle part, you will win this number of coins and the bonus game will end. On the other hand, if the arrow spins into the mid part of the pointer, you will automatically gain access to the proceeding wheel.

On the next wheel, you will find arrows, coin values and two Rapid Jackpot symbols on the wheel surface. The coin values and the arrows, will work in the same way as the first wheel. If you, however, are able to alight on top of one of the two Jackpot symbols, the jackpot appended to the symbol that has been displayed on the top part of the slot game screen will be yours for the taking.

If yet again an arrow spins on the second wheel, you will get the chance of playing at wheel number three. The third wheel can award you a coin value of the next highest progressive jackpot, the Major Jackpot, or alternatively, you could also spin in an arrow. If you chose to spin in the arrow, you will be moved towards the wheel’s center. This is where you will be awarded the Mega Jackpot instantly, a multi-million Euro Jackpot!!!

Mega Fortunes Video Slot Progressive Jackpots

The Bonus Game Jackpot

The free spins bonus round that can be activated on the Mega Fortunes awards its players a set of 10 free spins on ×3 multipliers. You can however increase the number of multipliers and free spins by spinning more scatter symbols in the free spins game.

Rapid Progressive Jackpot

rapid-bonusOnce you start playing the wheel spinning bonus feature, you will have three different types of progressive jackpots at your disposal. The smallest one of the three is the Rapid Jackpot. As its name suggests, it is the kind of jackpot that is awarded frequently once in a while. You can therefore expect to see it reset to its original value once in every few games.

Major Progressive Jackpot

mayor-bonusThis is the kind of jackpot that will progressively increase as you play the game. Although it will never reach the mammoth size of the Mega Jackpot, it is the kind of jackpot that is worth winning. The best thing about the Mega Fortunes Video Slot game is that, no matter what amount you wager, you can always win this and other jackpots.

Mega Progressive Jackpot

mega-bonusThis is the jackpot that every Mega Fortunes slot game player eyes. It is a multi-million Euro jackpot capable of changing a life. Its seed value is also quite enormous. You will surely have your fingers crossed whenever you are playing for this jackpot. It is good to note that, the frequency of winning this jackpot is quite low, therefore, your chances of winning it are relatively high, you only have to hope that everything falls into place when playing for this jackpot.