Tips for Playing

How to improve your winning chances with the Mega Fortunes Dreams Video Slot Game

Some tips for playing the Mega Fortune Dreams


When you are focused on winning the jackpot on the Mega Fortune Dreams there are a few things you should understand about this videoslot. As we told you on this website the Mega Fortune Dreams works with a progressive jackpot. What means that every casino that offers this videoslot is offering the same videoslot. So for you as a player it does not matter where you play the Mega Fortune Dreams, this can be at any casino who is offering this videoslot.

If you are serious in creating the biggest chance of you winning the Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1) The Mega Fortune Dreams has a progressive jackpot.
2) All the casinos offering the same videoslot with the same jackpot
3) Your chance of winning is the same in every casino
4) Using bonus money increases your chance of winning

Our Advice!

Register a new player account at every new casino where you can play the mega Fortune Dreams and make use of the bonuses they will offer you, starting with your first deposit bonus. We have made a list of casinos who offer a extra bonus on your first deposit.

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(all these casinos offer the Mega Fortune Dreams videoslot)

Unibet casinoMrGreen casinoBetsafe casinoKroon casino
Unibet casinoMrGreen casinoBetsafe casinoKroon casino
Unibet casinoMrGreen casinoBetsafe casinoKroon casino
200% up to €200100% up to €100100% up to €200100% up to €100
Carat casinoPaf casinoMaria casinoBetsson casino
Carat casinoPaf casinoMaria casinoBetsson casino
Carat casinoPaf casinoMaria casinoBetsson casino
50% up to €50100% up to €10050% up to €50100% up to €100
Casino EuroLeoVegas casino
Casino EuroLeoVegas casino
Casino EuroLeoVegas casino
100% up to €500200% up to €50

Auto Play and Stake Levels

The Mega Fortune Dreams Videoslot game is a multi stakes slot game where each player that plays the game for real money will have the chance to win one of the three progressive jackpots; this therefore means that, the more times you spin in the play-offs, the better your chances of securing a win in one of the jackpots. You can therefore set the auto play feature to play the game at the lowest possible stakes, thus manoeuvring through a good number of low stake spins. You may land yourself on one of the progressive jackpots paying bonus games.

Jackpot Hit Frequency

mega-fortune-dreams-jackpotsSince this is a relatively new online slot game, there is not much history regarding the regularity of the jackpots that have been won. There is therefore no way of knowing when the jackpots offered are overdue. You can therefore start by amassing this information by recording the wins made by other players. The information you gather may help you make better decisions as you play the jackpots. In the first week we already seen the Mayor jackpot paying out 82.000 Euro to somebody. We estimate that there will be a Mayor jackpot winner one’s a week. The Mega jackpot probably will pay out one every 2 or 3 months. As for the Rapit is can pay out every day or several times a day.

Using Slot Related Bonuses

The more the wagers you place when playing the Mega Fortunes Video Slot, the better your chances of hitting the progressive jackpot bonus game get. Also, your chances of getting the free spins are activated are increased.

Conclusion: Why you should play the Mega Fortune Dreams Videoslot

As discussed above, this is a relatively new video slot game. As such, the game has plenty of new features that are not available in other slot games. For example, this slot game has three jackpots that a player can win and also a life changing multi-million Euro progressive jackpot to be won. This videoslot is also gaining popularity very fast and casinos are interested in getting players interested in the game, there are therefore plenty of promotional offers, reasonable value in terms of services; that is, high stakes with a low budget and most importantly, the ability to win irrespective of the wager amount that has been placed.

The Mega Fortunes Dream Videoslot is a whole new experience in the world of slot games; you can be one of the pioneers of the games by winning the mega jackpot.